Zooey Deschanel directs her first music video!

If you’re a fan of Zooey Deschanel or She & Him, you will love this! The actress made her directorial debut with a music video for her band.

Zooey Deschanel

So, she’s gorgeous, talented, adorable and all, but we bet she can’t direct a music video… Oh wait! She just did.

To prove yet again that there really is no limit to her amazingness, Zooey Deschanel went behind the lens (and in front of it) to direct the music video for her band, She & Him.

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The duo’s song “I Could’ve Been Your Girl” appears to have gone through a time warp and turned into a 1960s paradise, complete with adorable, colourful costumes and fun dance numbers. The New Girl actress and singer, avec dance crew, do the Charleston and what have you, all in the dire hopes of catching the attention of a gentleman hiding behind a newspaper and obnoxious sunglasses.

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This is Deschanel’s directorial debut, and we think she did a splendid job. We were amused by the thought behind the music video, and we think it was executed successfully. Plus, just look at those cute dresses! Baby Zeus, we want them all!

Watch the “I Could’ve Been Your Girl” video below, and weigh in!

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Photo courtesy of C.Smith / WENN.com


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