Jude Law drops out of Natalie Portman film

First the Natalie Portman-starring film Jane Got a Gun loses its director, and now its male lead? That’s right. Jude Law has also dropped out of the project.

Jude Law

And then there was one.

It’s tough going for this little Western drama that thinks it can. After director Lynne Ramsay ditched the Natalie Portman– and Jude Law-starring film Jane Got a Gun on the first day of production, things went downhill…

Mainly, the Natalie Portman and Jude Law bragging rights have now been revoked, since the latter has dropped out of the project as well. Portman is going to have to pump up this bad boy all by her lonesome self. So why did Law abandon ship?

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You see, the 40-year-old actor “signed on to work with Ramsay” and naturally fled the scene when she was a no-show. There are no heroes in the trenches, folks. All those good people working on this production are welcome to make voodoo dolls of the actor in retaliation, not that we condone misdeeds in any way.

The little ray of sunshine in this story is that Ramsay has already been replaced with Gavin O’Connor, who directed Warrior. All the film needs now is a replacement for Law. Lead actors are easy to come by, right?

Any suggestions? Opinions?

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