Taylor Swift worries about being vain and alone

Hey, at the end of the day, she’s just like us. Taylor Swift explained in a recent interview that she fears narcissism and ending up all alone.

Taylor Swift

It’s hard to believe, but even millionaires have worries.

Whilst looking all gorgeous on the cover of InStyle UK, Taylor Swift revealed she fears vanity and making wrong choices in life.

“What I worry about is that I never want to end up kind of a self-centered, vain human being,” the 23-year-old admitted. “I don’t wanna end up being awful and intolerable. Alone. Laying in a marble bathtub by myself, like sad, with a glass of wine complaining that my life ended up alone because I pushed everyone away because I thought I was too good to hang out with anybody.”

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Cue the world’s smallest violin. OK, we kid. Swimming in an ocean of money, knowing some of the most powerful people in the world and having access to everything is probably a very difficult burden to carry…

Sarcasm aside, money is one devious temptress. To resist all-possessive narcissism and deny egocentrism when in a position where all your subordinates encourage and expect such behaviour must actually be straining. We’re glad Swift recognizes the risk and is actually yearning to escape that destructive path.

“The typical Hollywood sad cliché of the poor lonely starlet with no one because she put up all these walls and didn’t trust anyone,” the singer continued. “That’s my fear. And that’s why I live my life the way I live my life because I’d so much rather feel everything than end up like that.”

We applaud Ms. Swift and her wish to remain modest. Good luck! Opinions?

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