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Marc Anthony visits Disneyland with new girlfriend

Way to go! Marc Anthony has found himself a new lady-friend — heiress to the Topshop business, Chloe Green. The couple went to Disneyland with the Latin singer’s two children.

Marc Anthony

How does he do it? Something supernatural must be at work here.

Marc Anthony spent his Wednesday in the magical world of Disneyland with his children, accompanied by his new, very much younger girlfriend, Chloe Green.

Oh yes, the Latin singer took his twins, Emme and Max, to the California theme park but spent the majority of the day with the youthful heiress to the Topshop fortune. How young is Ms. Green, you wonder? Well, let’s just say she wasn’t even alive when Anthony’s first album was released in 1988… She’s 21 years old, y’all!

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So how does Marc Anthony continually snatch up gorgeous women? It’s a question that is perplexing the brightest minds of today. Considering that Anthony physically looks like he’s been to the underworld and back — twice — it must be something non-aesthetic. The voice of an angel combined with some Latin charm, perhaps? Or a secret salsa ritual? Drugs secretly slipped into one’s drink? Nobody knows but Anthony himself.

Whatever it is, it works. Anthony has been married to the beautiful Jennifer Lopez, recently broke up with model girlfriend Shannon de Lima and is now dating Green. Well done, sire!

Opinions? Words of envy?

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