John Mayer is “very happy” with Katy Perry

Finally, an interview that doesn’t make you want to punch John Mayer! The singer discusses his love life, changes and career.

John Mayer

Well, this is different…

John Mayer got a little candid in an interview with, talking about Katy Perry, life and his musical career. The shocking aspect of the interview is the lack of douchery Mayer is so famous for. He’s all grown up now!

“I’m quite happy,” the singer stated in reference to Perry. “I’m happy in all aspects of my life. I’m very happy in all aspects of my life.”

“I also think that the way that the media plays a part in everyone’s life has changed over the last several years,” Mayer continued. “I think people are a lot less concerned with what’s going on with the lives of celebrities, and celebrities are a little less concerned with what’s going on with the lives of other people thinking about them all day.”

Aw, it’s cute that he thinks people still care about what kind of bagel Jennifer Aniston eats on Saturdays or how Kim Kardashian ties her shoelaces (kidding! Kim doesn’t wear laced shoes — ever), but whatever helps him sleep at night…

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Mayer also addressed the granulomas for which he’s needed two surgeries thus far to remove. The procedures altered his vocal flexibility and forced him to cancel most of his tour. The change pushed Mayer to explore more internally.

“I just became more settled in as a person,” he stated. “I would rather not be settled in as a person instead of playing music all the time, to be honest with you. But that wasn’t an option. I wasn’t going to be able to just visualize myself as a musician.

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“You know, when you visualize yourself as a musician, you can make a lot of apologies for the little weird, interpersonal things you have with people. And when you don’t have that, you go, ‘OK, let’s focus in on the fact that the people I see today, I’m going to see tomorrow.'”

Good for him! Cut down on the jerk status.

Do you think John Mayer’s a changed man? And what do you think of his relationship with Katy Perry?

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