Timbaland suing insurance company

Timbaland is not letting this go. The rapper-producer is suing his insurance company over an unpaid claim for his stolen million-dollar watch.


It’s time for payback! Dun, dun, duuun!

Timbaland (real name Timothy Mosley) is suing his insurance company for an unpaid claim: a watch that was stolen over two years ago.

The lawsuit, filed last month, alleges that Timbaland paid upward of $50,000 to American Home Assurance Company to insure an array of luxury items, which happened to include his diamond-encrusted Jacob & Co. watch worth an estimated $1.8 million. The timepiece was stolen in August 2010.

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Just take a moment to visualize what a near-two-million-dollar watch would look like… We’re thinking teleportation capabilities, compact bathroom properties, portable companion with artificial intelligence, built-in Jacuzzi… Yes?

Well, American Home Assurance is attempting to transfer the suit from state court to a federal court in Miami. It hasn’t been approved yet.

The lesson here is this: Do not purchase a watch for $1.8 million. It can be tough, we know, but try not to. Opinions?

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