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Bradley Cooper gets a perm, y’all!

Now this is dedication. Bradley Cooper confessed to getting a perm for a screen test for his latest film endeavour about an FBI investigation.

Bradley CooperBradley Cooper might be going a little too old school for a new film…

The actor admitted to getting a perm recently while developing a character for his newest role.

“I permed my hair today,” the actor told E! News at the BAFTA Tea reception. “We did a camera test today, and we were playing with the idea of him having curly hair.”

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What’s this wonderful role? Cooper is working with Christian Bale and Jeremy Renner in a David O. Russell film about a 1970s FBI operation called Abscam, which investigated public corruption and led to the conviction of numerous U.S. congressmen.

The actor is going all out with this character and is not going easy on this perming business either.

“Like rollers!” Cooper joked. “Oh, yeah bro, like rollers in the hair!”

He’s clearly not mucking about with it. Go big or go home, right? We sincerely hope the perm works out, because we have a visual in our heads, and we’d like to see it on a big screen.

What do you think?

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