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Angry Birds: The movie?

If you haven’t satisfied your craving for the amazingly addictive game Angry Birds, well, this movie is for you! The popular stress reliever/creator will be transformed into an animated film in 2016.

David Maisel

Who hasn’t played this game? Who hasn’t sworn off of it and then came crawling back? It’s an ingenius design…

And where there’s game genius, there’s someone with a huge wallet and a camera. That’s right. Angry Birds is going to be turned into a 3-D movie!

Rovio Entertainment has announced the project, slated for release in 2016, with John Cohen (previous work includes Despicable Me) as producer and David Maisel (pictured right) as executive producer.

Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio Entertainment, stated, “John’s an exceptionally talented producer, and we’re delighted to have him join the flock.

“With John’s hands-on producer background and David’s expertise in establishing and running his own successful studio, these two are the dream team for making a movie outside the studio system. Both professionals have the ideal skills and vision to achieve incredible things.”

Cohen has already shared his excitement, saying, “I’m so excited and honoured to be working on this film with Mikael, David and Rovio’s incredibly talented game developers and artists… I’ve personally spent countless hours playing the Angry Birds games over the last few years, which I can now happily justify as research for the movie.”

This is incredibly exciting, no? It will be interesting to see how this idea will be developed. What would the plot be? Will voice actors be involved?

What do you think of this project? Suggestions? Ideas?

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