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Just kidding! Witherspoon-Buble duet not happening

What is the purpose of life if not to await a Michael Buble and Reese Witherspoon duet? Well, that’s not happening anytime soon, it appears.

Reese Witherspoon

But we had this written down and everything!

It appears the whole Reese Witherspoon-Michael Buble duet business is not happening. Yeah, they were just toying with our emotions, like it was nothing!

Last week Buble got us alive with excitement when he announced the possibility of a magical duet with the Walk the Line actress.

“By all accounts it would be true,” he told U.K.’s Daybreak. “I just really am a big fan, and so myself and my camp, we wanted to do this with her, and we were thrilled that she was excited about it too.”

But then a source told E! News that, “It’s not happening.”

That’s right — we’re just getting a whole lot of mixed signals here. Should we believe Buble or this mysterious source? Should we wait Witherspoon’s confirmation or denial? Too much confusion.

This collaboration would have been interesting, though, with Buble’s suavity and Witherspoon’s country charm… Beautiful music would have been made.

What do you think?

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