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Hey, Chris Brown and Rihanna, what’s going on?

We are so confused; someone needs to break it down for us. Rihanna and Chris Brown have been inseparable of late but have not confirmed the status of their relationship.

Rihanna and Chris Brown

So what’s up with RiRi and Breezy?

Theirs is the most confusing and conflicting relationship since Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, no? Rihanna posted a photo of herself giving Chris Brown a big ol’ bear hug on Instagram yesterday. It is the latest of many photos and rumours messing with our poor little heads.

“i dont wanna leave!!! Killed it tonight baby!!!” read the caption for the photo.

Earlier that very same day, RiRi posted a photo of her and Brown’s matching gold Rolex watches. And on Saturday the songstress shared a picture of a shirtless Brown slumped in bed.

But no official confirmation of a rekindled romance has been made. Are they just friends or friends with benefits or friends who are actually a couple?

The rumour mill also has it that Rihanna has rented out a villa in Barbados to celebrate New Year’s with her and Brown’s families. Per The Sun, the singer is planning a “bonding experience” to show her family that Brown is a brand new man.

We may be too old-fashioned to understand this relationship. What do you think?

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