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Jared Leto lost his eyebrows

Actor Jared Leto made an appearance at the Gotham Awards, debuting a new look that involved… no eyebrows? That’s right.

Jared Leto

Oh, Lord Voldemort cometh… That ghastly underworld creature you’ve spotted is actually Jared Leto (surprise!), sans two little furry amigos we like to call “eyebrows.”

The 40-year-old actor appeared at the Annual Gotham Awards in New York City on Monday looking like a skulking minion of something evil, but fear not — it was for art! Leto shaved off those eyebrows for his role in the film Dallas Buyers Club so he could pencil them back in as his cross-dressing character.

Dallas Buyers Club is getting quite a bit of buzz right now, especially since Matthew McConaughey dropped 30 pounds for his lead role. The film is based on the true story of Ron Woodruff, a womanizer who contracted AIDS in 1986 and helped legalize the drug cocktails used to treat individuals with HIV/AIDS. Leto plays Rayon, who helps Woodruff smuggle in drugs from Mexico. Jennifer Garner also appears in the film as Woodruff’s doctor.

Until the film wraps up, Leto will be in a constant state of visual surprise, yes?

What do you think of the actor’s new look?

Photo courtesy of Andres Otero /

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