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Flaming Lips singer caused mayhem at an airport!

Happy holidays, courtesy of Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips. The singer took the liberty of packing a grenade in his luggage and strolling through Oklahoma City’s airport with it. How sweet.

Wayne Coyne

You know how we try to employ logic in our lives and harbour a moderate understanding of “proper” ethics? Well, this guy just chucked all that out the window…

The setting of this story is an airport. As many American holiday travellers were truckin’ along through airport security in their elastic waistband Thanksgiving pants, yearning for turkey and gravy, the Flaming Lips’ lead singer, Wayne Coyne, decided to wreak havoc upon the scene by sneaking a grenade into his carry-on luggage. What the hay…?

That’s right — a grenade. The 51-year-old singer singlehandedly brought the entire Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City to its knees. The terminal had to be shut down, and the authorities had to be unleashed. Meanwhile all the travellers were panicking and scrambling.

He packed a grenade in his luggage!

Good news: The grenade was not live.

Coyne felt quite remorseful and even took to Twitter to apologize: “Sorry Sorry Sorry!! Everyone that was inconvenienced because of my grenade at OKC airport!!”

There are just so many wrongs in this situation, it’s difficult to even dissect it. But kids, the lesson here is this: Don’t carry a grenade around. Easy enough, we think.


Photo courtesy of Joseph Marzullo /

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