Modern Family‘s Ariel Winter has broken up with boyfriend

This is so much drama, our little heads are going to explode! The 14-year-old Modern Family actress, Ariel Winter, recently split up with her 18-year-old boyfriend. This is all while a guardianship battle rages on in the background.

Ariel Winter

In a way she’s doing what her mama wanted, no?

Although Modern Family’s Ariel Winter is still entangled in a guardianship battle between her sister, Shanelle Gray, and mum, Chrisoula Workman, there’s still room for more drama! The 14-year-old actress has also broken up with her 18-year-old boyfriend, Cameron Palatas.

That’s right! The relationship between the two was quite an issue for Mama Workman after she caught Ariel in bed with Palatas; she subsequently filed a police report against him. Well, it is quite an age difference!

In regards to the guardianship petition filed by Gray, Workman alleges that “Ariel is rebelling and using this guardianship to get out from underneath my guidance and supervision to her sister’s care, which would in essence allow her to continue her relationship with Cameron.”

Alas, a source confirmed to E! News that Winter has broken things off with Palatas. Her mum can now sleep somewhat peacefully.

Meanwhile, the hearing for Gray’s petition is on Nov. 20. Workman is not permitted to contact Ariel until then.

What is going on? Mums cannot speak to daughters. Daughters seek custody of sisters. Little 14-year-olds run around with 18-year-olds… The world has gone topsy-turvy!

We need a paper bag — immediately, please. Opinions?

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