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Making some risky cuts on The Bachelor Canada

Tonight it was time for Brad Smith to pick which two ladies would meet his family and be one step closer to an engagement. Do you think he made the right call?

Bachelor Canada final three

Brad wants the fantasy suites… badly

When Bianka very rationally explains she isn’t sure how she feels about going to the fantasy suite when Brad is still dating two other women, he’s not happy about it. But after a fair bit of sighing and hair pulling on his part, she finally concedes. Here’s hoping he actually picks her and doesn’t wind up rekindling all the fears she has about boyfriends cheating on her. Because that would just be cruel.

Brad makes the classic Bachelor mistake

It wouldn’t be a complete season of the show without the bachelor deciding to send home a girl more or less because things were simply too easy. Why do the bachelors always seem so desperate to select the relationship that will be constant work rather than the one that actually works? But alas, Brad thinks Kara and he are too alike and therefore not marriage material. Bummer. But if they ever make a Bachelorette Canada, she will certainly have her foot in the door!

Let the drama begin!

Well, they’ve been hinting for weeks that something was going to go seriously wrong near the end. And now we know what it is! Get your drum roll ready… Whitney isn’t sure she’s the girl for Brad! And she picked what may very well be the worst possible time to tell him: right after he announced he wanted to have her meet his parents and send Kara home. Don’t get too excited, though — it was very anticlimactic. Kara still went home, and Whitney decided to stick it out. But a girl being talked into meeting the family doesn’t really sound like the start of something wonderful and carefree.

Put a ring on it!

So we have one girl who isn’t sure she’s the right one for Brad and another who doesn’t fully trust his commitment to her. And in two weeks he’ll be proposing to one of them. Hmm… Sounds like either way it’s likely to be a bumpy road toward building a successful relationship. But there’s no need to worry about all that seriousness yet! Next week you’ll get to see all your favourite ladies return at “The Women Tell All”!

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