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Justin Bieber as a sex toy?

We’d feel a little violated if this happened to us… Justin Bieber’s image has been taken and transformed into a blow-up sex doll for those who like the mega popstar in an intimate way.

Justin Bieber

This is like an early Christmas for the pedophile in you!

If your dreams of late have been filled with the mega teenybopper Justin Bieber in a series of compromising scenarios, boy, do we have some great news for you!

The kind folks at Pipedream Products have taken the liberty to create a Justin Bieber blow-up sex doll! That’s right; you read correctly.

This lovely bedroom accessory is titled “Just-in Beaver Love Doll” and somehow resembles Biebs a little too much. But of course, for legal reasons, his actual name could not be used. This puppy retails for a mere $26. What a bargain!

The packaging for this precious object is also a little treasure. The top of the box reads “I’m not gay! (OK maybe a lil’),” and a tag line next to the photo of a Justin wannabe exclaims, “I wanna be your boy toy!” Oh, the beauty of marketing!

Now you can take that obsession to the bedroom level — how cute. There’s something extremely and utterly wrong about the idea of this doll’s very existence, let alone that it’s available for purchase.

But if this sounds like your cup of tea… we can’t help you. However, this ingenius product will not stick around, as we’re sure Bieber’s lawyers are already working on an attack plan.

Opinions? Thoughts? Ponderings?

Photo courtesy of Patrick Hoffman /

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