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Russell Brand sued for hitting a pedestrian

Russell Brand is being sued by a harmed pedestrian who claims the actor hit him with a car in Los Angeles. Is there any truth to that?

Russell BrandRussell Brand and the law are not on speaking terms right now…

The 37-year-old actor/comedian is being sued by a man claiming Brand hit him with his car in Los Angeles back in January. This doesn’t sound good…

A Victor Sneed alleges that Brand drove recklessly, and his car collided with the plaintiff, causing him personal injury as well as property damage.

Per lawsuit papers, Sneed sustained a loss of personal wages in addition to acquiring medical and legal fees. He is seeking compensatory damages from the actor.

From the way this sounds, Brand was driving like a maniac, accompanied with an evil genius laugh, and just ran into this guy. Considering that the actor turned himself in after the cell phone tossing incident, it seems unlikely he would not handle this situation before the lawsuit was filed. But we shall see…

Opinions? Guilty or not? Play judge.

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