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Meet the man and the ladies of “The Bachelor Canada

After much build up and anticipation, the premiere of “The Bachelor Canada” has finally arrived. It may just be the first episode, but we’ve already learned some important bits of information!

Tyler Harcott on The Bachelor Canada

1. This show is truly Canadian

Sure, the fact all the bachelorettes come from different corners of the country makes it clear this show is Canadian. But what really lets us know it’s our own? The fact that three of the women talked to Brad in a different language right from the very first introduction. Yay for multilingualism!

2. Brad is the king of compliments

Brad may be the first Bachelor to know what can really win over a girl — complimenting her dress. He must have complimented next to a dozen girls on their attire which isn’t surprising considering many of the girls made some bold fashion statments. Between Candice’s elegant floor-length, feathered gown and Tracy’s relaxed, beachy look we couldn’t help but have some serious dress envy.

3. These girls mean business

Within just a few hours of meeting Brad, some of the girls seemed ready to get their dukes up. This was perfectly exemplified by the fact a one-on-one date quickly turned into a “date square” when two other girls joined in within a few seconds of it beginning. Awkward! The night seemed filled with a lot of tugging Brad in different directions without him really being able to sit down with the girls one at a time. Here’s hoping the upcoming smaller dates give him some time to really get to know the ladies!

4. Brad’s intentions are confusing

Brad is adamant he wants to find love — but then he gave the first impression rose to Whitney. Who knows, maybe she’ll turn out to be his perfect match. But it’s hard to take her seriously when they played seductive music to emphasize her no-holds-barred greeting. And the *bleep* that came out of Brad’s mouth when she walked away was a sure sign he was impressed — but not necessarily based on her compatibility or personality. Do you think her hard-hitting approach will win him over in the long run?

5. Something good may come out of it all

There seems to be some really great bachelorettes on the show and one can only hope a happy relationship comes out of it all. Tune in next Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. to see who makes the next round of cuts!

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