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Nicki Minaj freaks out on Idol!

Oh, American Idol! The judges haven’t even been assembled for all that long, but drama is afoot. Nicki Minaj had a little angry episode with Mariah Carey.

Nicki MinajDrrrrraaaaama on the set of American Idol! Let’s take a look, shall we?

Now, there is no given context; all we have is a TMZ video that has been spreading like wildfire on the great wide net. Nicki Minaj appears to have lost her cool with Mariah Carey on Idol and has pulled open the gates of hell!

In the video, Minaj appears quite furious and is bashing Carey with all the colourful profanities of our dear language, while Keith Urban is uncomfortably sandwiched between them, trying to soothe the ills.

“If you’ve got a f****** problem, handle it!” Minaj shouts. “I told them I’m not putting up with Her F****** Highness over here.”

Always refreshing to encounter a real lady… The reps of the show as well as the judges are keeping quiet about the ordeal, but an Idol source told E! News:

“This is the sort of thing producers considered might happen when they cast Nicki opposite Mariah, but not this bad and not this fast. They have to protect Mariah to make sure she doesn’t walk. After everything it took to get that panel in place, they need everyone, especially Mariah. She was their first choice.”

Oh, the theatre of life is unfolding before us! Will Minaj be ditched? Will Carey punch her in the mouth? So many questions!

Opinions? Reflections? Long-lost dreams?

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