Rihanna and Chris Brown caught making out!

We hope you’re ready for this! Rihanna and her ex, Chris Brown, were caught canoodling at a New York club. We know — le gasp!


Oh, my! This is just a beautiful specimen exemplifying the necessity of the face-to-palm manoeuvre…

The aura of mystery surrounding the Chris Brown/Rihanna relationship is thickening. After sharing a friendly kissy-kiss onstage at the MTV Video Music Awards, tongues began wagging about a possible reconciliation, but last week Brown was spotted all cozied up with Nicole Scherzinger. And now this?

Brown and Rihanna were allegedly spotted making out whilst partying at Griffin in New York City. Brown, accompanied by Bow Wow, entered the club and was seated at his own private table; Rihanna arrived later and sat elsewhere.

According to an observant eyewitness, Brown then climbed over to Ri-Ri’s table, and they scurried off to the dance floor, where they were grindin’ it up and swapping spittle. After the extensive dance session, the two left the club — separately, but within minutes of each other.

Now, let us remember that Brown is still on probation for beating Rihanna in 2009. Oh, and one more little snippet of information: Brown has a girlfriend! The depressive twist of reality makes this story quite cringe-worthy, no? Are they getting back together? Was this a moment of weakness? Is life playing a cruel joke on us all?

Brown’s and Rihanna’s reps have yet to comment.

Oh, boy, this is quite a doozy. We need opinions! Yay or nay or heck to the no! Let us know.

Photo courtesy of Rob Rich / WENN.com

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