Brown’s ink artist defends tattoo

With all this hubbub about Chris Brown’s newest tattoo, everyone has something to say. Well, the man who created the tattoo is standing up to defend his work.

Chris Brown

You know, Chris Brown‘s controversial neck tattoo extravaganza is more complex than you think. It doesn’t only affect the singer — it puts the tattoo artist’s reputation on the line!

Brown’s tattoo, thought to depict a battered Rihanna, has already been defended by the singer and his rep. Now the tattoo artist is stepping in to say his piece.

“I hate when people misinterpret what I do,” Brown’s tattoo artist, Peter Koskela, told E! News. “It was really a blow to me to think that people would think so little of a person that I would actually put a picture of a beaten woman on his neck. That was crazy to me, that he would come to me and say, ‘Hey, I want Rihanna’s face on me.'”

What if he said, “Hey, I want a Rihanna look-alike on me”? We kid.

“I would never promote any kind of domestic violence like that,” Koskela carried on. “Even if he asked me to do it, I would have bounced right there. I don’t do racist tattoos, I don’t do gang-related tattoos and I don’t do anything hurtful. That is just the motto I live by. The other tattoo artists might, but I just don’t.”

The tattoo illustration was reportedly borrowed from a design for MAC cosmetics to mark the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead.

“When something inspires him, he wants it somewhere on his body, but he never said why he wanted to get that particular piece,” Koskela added.

Well, if Brown never told the tattoo artist why he wanted the MAC design on his neck, how do we know it’s not actually Rihanna? Are we digging too deep again?

Regardless, it’s easy to judge Brown based of his past actions, and it’s convenient to paint him as a villain. But let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe we’ll never be comfortable enough to get lost in some dark woods with him or to go cave exploring, but we can at least stop assuming everything he does is evil. Innocent tattoo artists are getting hurt in the crossfire!


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