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Katy Perry and John Mayer’s non-relationship back on!

We don’t know anything anymore… It appears the possibly broken-up couple Katy Perry and John Mayer are not broken up after all. What does that mean?

Katy Perry

Well, this just opens up the whole bag of chips all over again…

So, at first it was all very exciting when the rumour of a Katy Perry and John Mayer romance first began its circulation. But then the rumoured-couple was rumoured to have broken up. Now the rumoured-couple that was rumoured to be broken up is rumoured to be together again. Concrete facts here, people!

Spotted at the FYF fest in Los Angeles on Saturday, the duo was reportedly dancing and locking lips throughout the concert whilst watching bands like Purity Ring and M83. Mayer had donned his cowboy hat (his favourite accessory, it seems), and Perry was wearing a cutesy floral dress. Aren’t they a sight for sore eyes?

The reps are still keeping mum about the whole thing. Just put us out of our misery — the curiosity is worse than medieval torture devices.

This Jaty (John + Katy, duh!) relationship is just rumour upon rumour, sprinkled with grated rumours and playfully laid out on a bed of scrumptious rumours, paired perfectly with a glass of sauvignon-rumeur. Let’s give it a rest until at least something is confirmed.

Get back to your knitting, people! Opinions?

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