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5 All-time best products to appear on Dragon’s Den

Canadians can rejoice, because Dragon’s Den is on its way back for a seventh season this September. We celebrate by sharing the five best products ever presented on the hit show.

Damn heelsDamn heels

Have you ever squeezed into a pair of heels and almost instantly regretted it? Suddenly every step at the office or shimmy on the dance floor has you grimacing with pain. That’s where Damn Heels comes in handy. In the premiere of season five, this gift to women’s feet was presented (, $35). It’s a pair of flats that fold up and fit inside a clutch that can be turned into a tote! You can get the classic style in black, gold, silver or coral, and glammed-up versions are coming out in October, so you can look extra stylish and still be comfortable.

Dressed ‘n Case

When you head to the beach, it’s easy to get bogged down with everything you have to carry. Although you may have to lug a towel, an umbrella, entertainment and snacks, one thing you won’t have to worry about is your swimsuit cover-up. Dressed ‘n Case is a stylish bag that turns into an even more stylish cover-up (, from $49) that’s perfect for the beach or pool. The fabric dries quickly, doesn’t wrinkle, and the dress can be turned into a variety of looks.


In season six, Quebec company AquaOvo came to the den to show off its stylish and efficient water purifiers. The actual purifiers may be a little over your budget, retailing at $699, but we have an even better option for you. The company’s Therm-O Thermos bottles are both attractive and practical (, $29). They keep hot tea warm and icy water cold. Plus you can get them customized with a name or logo. No more ugly, wasteful plastic bottles or Styrofoam cups for you!


Constantly having to readjust your straps or pull up your top is frustrating and uncomfortable, but double-sided tape is hard to apply and can tug on your skin. Simply glide the liquid Fashion-Aid roll-on adhesive over your skin, secure fabric in place, and you’re good to go (, $13). This Dragon’s Den season six product is manufactured in Canada and has Health Canada’s approval, so it truly is a homegrown product.

Nud Fud

It isn’t easy to find healthy snacks that are raw, organic, gluten-free and vegan. Fortunately Nud Fud’s creator, Julia Kirouac, appeared on season six to show her line of nutritious, all-natural treats (, $8). The snack comes in five guilt-free flavours for you to enjoy at home, at work or on the go!

If you’re in a shopping mood, check out the Dragon’s Den store for a complete list of all the products from the show you can buy online.

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