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Returning fall TV cliffhangers: The answers are coming!

Many amazing shows are about to make their return this fall, and we are chomping at the bit! Cliffhangers were abundant in last season’s finales, and we can’t wait to find out what happens in just a few weeks.

Grey's Anatomy

Whether you show nervous energy by sitting on the edge of your seat, covering your eyes or bemoaning out loud what’s unfolding before you, chances are you were doing just that when many of your favourite shows finished up last season. Whether you’re a fan of comedy, drama, suspense or all of the above, it’s virtually guaranteed that you’re waiting with bated breath to see the outcomes of some intense TV cliffhangers such as these:

Grey’s Anatomy

In what was probably one of the most intense finales of the season, five of our favourite Grey’s Anatomy characters crashed in a plane. It was unbelievably tragic to see Lexie pass away, but will that be the only tragedy that strikes, or will we lose more amazing doctors in the premiere? And with the doctors slowly deciding where they’re going to practice, will additional characters be leaving the show? Will Meredith and Derek leave for Boston? Will Cristina choose to stay? Will Sloan ever be able to get over Lexie’s passing? Don’t worry, guys. You’ll know at least some of these answers when the show premieres on Sept. 27.

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother is constantly offering suggestive answers but then pulling them back before they can become truth. Much of the season went in this way until the very end, when we finally discovered who Barney’s bride-to-be was — Robin! So there’s one question answered. But the quest to find out who the mother of Ted’s kids is lives on. Ted sped off into the sunset with former ex Victoria. Does that mean she’s the mother? We might get closer to finding out when season eight premieres on Sept. 24.


Granted, virtually any episode of Revenge has a cliffhanger or two built in, but it’s even harder to deal with when you have a whole month to stew about it. Is Charlotte going to make it through her overdose? Is Amanda truly carrying Jack’s child? And the biggest one of all: Is Victoria really dead? Tune in on Sept. 30 to get the scoop!

Parks and Recreation

As far as cliffhangers go, this one might seem a little on the tame side, since no one died or had a myserious baby-daddy. But the finale certainly brought up a lot of questions. With Leslie winning the election, what will happen to the Parks & Rec department? Will Ben really leave for Washington, and can their relationship survive the distance? Will it still be the same show? You’ll find out on Sept. 20!


There’s no doubt about it: Gleeks everywhere have been sitting in wait to find out what will happen to all their McKinley High favourites. It’s always nerve-racking to see what will happen when a group of TV high school kids hit their graduation year. And with a show that’s based so strongly on chemistry and relationships, it will be upsetting to see anyone go. Will there be a whole new cast of kids? Will some of the New Directions favourites stay back? And the most intense question of all — will the show be able to survive such big changes and remain as good as before? Thank goodness we only have to wait until Sept. 13 to get some answers!

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