Bachelor Pad 3: Can you spell D-R-A-M-A?

The sixth episode of Bachelor Pad 3 brings a new twist that gets the whole house all atwitter. With only 10 contestants left and the end in sight, everything’s getting shaken up.

Bachelor Pad Chris and Sarah

Pair up!

Chris Harrison starts things off with a bang by announcing they will now be competing and voting as couples for the rest of the season. This news is great for everyone except the new pair of Rachel, who is coping with the fact that her love interest, Michael, just went home, and Nick, who has barely seemed to exist all season. It doesn’t seem like a recipe for success.

Spell it out

The contestants aren’t jumping over obstacle courses or balancing trays of teacups for this challenge. Instead they have to spell — and it isn’t pretty. They manage to mispell everything from “obsessive” to “rose ceremony.” To everyone’s dismay, Chris and Sarah manage to win the day. It does, however, seem a little unfair that Ed and Jaclyn’s last word to spell is “cockamamie” while Chris and Sarah’s is “serendipity.” Feels like the producers might have geared that one their way a little bit.

Chris + Sarah = Enemy #1

It’s pretty clear Chris and Sarah hold the roles of villains on the show when the depressing Bachelor exit music plays while they ride away in their date limo and the rest of the contestants head home in their yellow school bus. But Chris and Sarah aren’t too worried about what anyone else thinks as they spend a romantic day and night in the countryside.

Jaclyn and Ed have the talk

After last week when Ed cruelly stated he wasn’t there for romance despite the fact he and Jaclyn sleep in the same bed every night, a conversation on the subject was bound to be had. When she calmly broaches the subject on their date, things don’t get any better. Instead Ed states he broke up temporarily with someone at home so he could play the game as a single man. Did anyone else’s heart break when Jaclyn said she wouldn’t have “done what we did” if she’d known? Not cool, Ed. Not cool. It’s even more upsetting to see her choose to spend the night with him even after he fails to say anything someone on the outside would view as reassuring. She seems firmly under his spell.

Could Kalon be the new mastermind?

With Michael Stagliano gone, the house was in need of someone who can make things happen. And who would have thought that person would come in the form of Kalon McMahon? His actions cause Nick to majorly put his foot in his mouth. But when all is said and done, it isn’t enough to sway Jaclyn and Blakeley’s alliance to Rachel. Kalon does, however, take the opportunity as he heads off to exit his own limo and jump into Lindzi’s so they can drive off together.

Tune in next week to find out who makes it to the final four and which couples are still together!

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