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Naked Prince Harry photos media ban

Well, the talk of the town is Prince Harry’s naked party in Vegas. To meddle with the scandal flames, the royal house has placed a ban on the publication of the nude photos in Britain.

Prince Harry

Since the shameful leaking of Prince Harry‘s very bare Las Vegas photos, the people of the world have been tirelessly trying to sneak a peek at the royal jewels or the British government body, if you will.

Alas, the house of Queen Elizabeth II shan’t stand for such desecration of the prince’s reputation, and thus has ordered a giant media blanket to be thrown upon the British tabloids. Not literally, of course; no one’s getting tucked in or anything.

So here’s the story…

Whilst Prince Harry was on a private holiday in Vegas, a fiendish individual managed to snap several photos of the royal in the buff (clearly mucking about in a hotel suite). Some of those shots were accompanied by mysterious crouching nekkid women. You don’t quite get a peeky-peek at the southern regions (Harry keeps those areas covered with his hands), but there is a very awkward photo of the prince half bent with his tush exposed for all the world to see. We imagine Grandmama was not proud.

Now, since the photos were taken in a private environment without Harry’s consent, the royal family has placed somewhat of a ban on their publication. While it is not legally binding, it’s up to the individual newspaper to either comply or choose not to at the expense of its reputation.

“The royal family can ask to deny the right of the photos being published, but it’s more of the British media self-policing and being afraid to print them,” The Guardian correspondent Rory Carroll told E! News.

The problem here is the internet still exists. Any Brit is welcome to search up those photos without restraint; the ban is more of an obligatory defensive measure but without any actual merit.

And of course, most British tabloids published the story anyway, but for safety’s sake, only plastered a shirtless photo of the prince on the cover with some grabby headlines that could serve as excellent punchlines for dirty jokes.

Oy… Just as Harry was climbing out of the “bad boy” stage… We have so many questions: What kind of nude party was this? Who else was there? Why weren’t we invited?


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