Shia LaBeouf does not fake sex

You think you know somebody… Shia LaBeouf has decided to shed his Hollywood poster boy image by taking on a role requiring unfiltered sex scenes.

Shia LaBeouf

Not something you expect to encounter in the fine print on a contract, but…

The often avant-garde filmmaker Lars von Trier will be pushing numerous buttons with his newest creation Nymphomaniac, starring Charlotte Gainsbourg and Shia LaBeouf, which promises unsimulated sex scenes.

The title of the film reveals much of the premise; it’s about a woman (Gainsbourg) with an excessive sexual appetite. And we can use our vivid imaginations to decode the purpose of LaBeouf’s character…

Von Trier is reportedly planning to shock the whole cinematic world by releasing an explicit, R-rated version of the film, featuring genuine sex scenes. Say whaaa…?

“There’s a disclaimer at the top of the script that basically says, ‘We’re doing it for real,'” LaBeouf revealed to MTV News. “Everything that is ‘illegal,’ we’ll shoot in blurred images. Other than that, everything is happening.”


Not only is this move risque for LaBeouf and Gainsbourg (not so much for von Trier; he’s done it all), but it carries a real possibility of career damage. It has been done before, but most actors do not enjoy flourishing careers afterward, unless you’re Chloe Sevigny (rare case).

Of course, LaBeouf already bared it all in a Sigur Ros music video and did reveal he wants to ditch the blockbuster scene, so maybe this is his ticket out into the great, big sea of indie films. Gainsbourg is already known for quirky and odd roles; she’ll be fine. But is Shia ready to be catapulted out of Hollywood?

Would you be more likely or less likely to watch Nymphomaniac knowing the sex scenes are the real deal? Do you think this move will help or hinder LaBeouf’s career?

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