Madonna sued by Russian anti-gay activists!

Sometimes when you play with fire, you get burned. The anti-gay activists of St. Petersburg are serving Madonna a freshly baked, piping-hot lawsuit for breaking a “gay propaganda” ban.


If you look very closely, you’ll find there is a lesson in all of this: Do not speak about equality unless you’ve got oodles of rubles (ingenious wordplay, eh?).

Madonna is one lucky gal… She has the admirable opportunity to experience — first-hand — the physical act of “putting one’s money where one’s mouth is,” courtesy of Russia’s anti-gay activists.

The pop icon, her concert organizer and venue are being sued by a group of nine activists seeking 333 million rubles (or $10.3 million CAD) in damages for the violation of a St. Petersburg law prohibiting “propagandism” of homosexuality to minors.

Madonna distributed pink wristbands at her St. Petersburg concert, requesting the patrons wear them in support of gay rights, which sparked quite a fury amongst the conservative groups in the city. The lawsuit alleges that minors were present in the audience at the concert; hence Madonna must be punished for breaking the law.

The songstress also voiced her support for the now convicted band Pussy Riot at her Moscow concert, consequently igniting several protests. Madonna is receiving a slight dose of criticism on home soil as well: Some are calling her actions reckless and disrespectful of Russian law.

We say she did a very good thing. Those laws conflict with the liberties of the Russian gay community, who, under the vast umbrella of all human beings, should possess the fundamental and primal right to be — in every obscure denotation of that word.

Stay tuned for updates on the lawsuit front. Opinions?

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