Bye-bye, Olympics: Closing ceremony details

Sure, it may be subjective, but we certainly thought the closing ceremony was amazing. Musical performances from Britain’s greats accompanied by beautiful set design and infused with touching moments. What more can you ask for?

Saying goodbye to London
Olympic closing ceremony

We may all be a little teary-eyed from saying our goodbyes to the 2012 Olympics, but the show must go on, and the flag has officially been passed on to Rio de Janeiro.

So the closing ceremony was a success, and how could it be otherwise? It was a wonderful, musical fusion of delight for every living generation, with performances from The Beatles to Spice Girls to One Direction. So let’s summarize and discuss!

The decor

The stadium/stage decorations were superb and uniquely British. Not to glorify a cliche, but the monochrome newsprint-covered re-creation of London — complete with Big Ben, the Ferris wheel, Tower Bridge and the egg-looking Gherkin — filled us with an immeasurable degree of pomp and Anglo-Saxonism. Special creative shout-out goes out to Fatboy Slim’s light octopus contraption and the bird-like orange cyclists wheeling Pet Shop Boys in; they surprised and impressed us.

The music

By far the most exciting aspect of the closing ceremony was the music. Madness, Pet Shop Boys and One Direction kicked it all off, and we clapped — uncontrollably — like maniacs hopped-up on sugar. Then we were also hit with a dose of The Who, Queen, Jessie J, Spice Girls (whom we’ve missed more than we expected), George Michael, Muse, Annie Lennox, Fatboy Slim… An average person’s head could easily explode from such an avalanche of awesomeness! Not to mention the actual tears welling up in our eyes when “Imagine” was played and John Lennon’s face was formed on the stadium floor from 101 fragments of sculpture.

The athletes

The athletes marched out as one organism to represent unity and harmony, which we think was a brilliant idea. Our Canadian athletes wore khakis and denim jackets, which, quite frankly, was stereotypical overkill. If they were handed a moose burger in one hand and a fishing rod in the other, the stadium would probably self-destruct. Our beaming soccer superstar, Christine Sinclair, carried the Canuck flag into the stadium along with the other flag bearers.

The end

Speeches were made, and per tradition, the Olympic flag was handed over by the mayor of London to his Rio de Janeiro counterpart, and the flame was extinguished.

It was bittersweet to watch the Games end, but we’re excited for the next ones already. Canada did not achieve the position it was hoping for, so there’s definitely room for improvement. We finished with 16 medals and placed 36th in the rankings.

What did you think of the closing ceremony? Any favourite moments?

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