Team Canada picks up three medals on day 12!

Canadian pride never wanes, but our team certainly showed off its skill today with three medals. Plus, more podium spots for the U.S., China and Ireland.

Adam van Koeverden

We hope your Maple Leaf flag is flying high, because day 12 at the Olympics has been very kind to us. So let’s sum up: Who won, lost and just rocked the stadium?

Mark Oldershaw

As usual, let’s begin with Canuck achievements. Adam van Koeverden (pictured above) picked up a silver medal in men’s kayak single 1,000 metre, booking 3:27.170. Gold was awarded to Larsen of Norway and the bronze to Germany’s Hoff. Mark Oldershaw (right) proudly delivered a podium performance and received a bronze medal in men’s canoe single 1,000 metre. Brendel of Germany hauled in the gold medal, and Cal Figueroa of Spain won the silver.

Lady power

Of course, no medal tally is complete without some lady power. British Columbia native Carol Huynh earned a bronze medal in women’s freestyle wrestling 48 kilograms, tied with American wrestler Clarissa Kyoko Mei Ling Chun. Japan’s Obara picked up the gold in that competition, while Azerbaijan’s Stadnyk received the silver.

Speaking of lady power, American runner Allyson Felix picked a gold medal in the women’s 200 metre, clocking in at 21.88. The silver went to Jamaica’s Fraser-Pryce, and the bronze to another American athlete, Carmelita Jeter. Veronica Campbell-Brown came in fourth; sadly, she will not become the first woman to win a track event at three consecutive Olympics.


Although the gold medal was already secured by Guerdat in jumping, Ireland’s Cian O’Connor and the Netherlands’ Gerco Schroder competed for the silver and bronze medals today. Schroder, riding a horse fittingly named London, won the silver medal, and O’Connor, riding Blue Lloyd 12, picked up a bronze (Ireland’s first medal at London 2012). Way to go, fellas and you beautiful, majestic creatures (the horses, of course).

“I told my wife last night I was going to get in and jump a good round, and she said, ‘dream on.’ So many people have put a lot of work in for me to get here. It has been a wonderful journey,” stated O’Connor after the competition.

Table tennis

To conclude and crown the day, China still owns table tennis, just in case you had any doubts. The team picked up a gold medal at the men’s finals today, beating Republic of Korea’s team 3-0. Germany won the bronze medal and beat Hong Kong to get it. This is just another medal for China’s already hefty gold pile; the women’s table tennis team picked up a gold medal just yesterday.

There ye have it. Quite an eventful day for the home turf, and of course, loads of wins all around the world. A special congrats is reserved for our athletes and for Ireland for picking up its first medal! Opinions?

Photos courtesy of Canadian Olympic Committee. Photographer: Jason Ransom

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