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Jennifer Lopez files countersuit against chauffeur

Someone made J.Lo very angry. The singer filed a countersuit against her former chauffeur for extortion of large sums of money and threat of defamation.

Jennifer Lopez

This is why you don’t mess with Jenny from the block.

Jennifer Lopez is suing her former chauffeur for extortion and defamation, after the latter threatened to spill some sensitive information about the singer unless she paid him $2.8 million. Pssht, this guy didn’t know who he was messing with, obviously.

Fun fact: This is the same chauffeur, Hakob Manoukian, who sued Lopez, her manager Benny Medina and Marc Anthony for breach of contract back in April. His lawsuit apparently did not have the desired effect, so Manoukian decided to threaten the singer for money.

Now J.Lo has launched a countersuit, seeking a sum of $20 million in irreparable damages and unspecified exemplary as well as punitive damages.

The suit continues to state that Manoukian signed a confidentiality agreement prohibiting him from disclosing this “overheard” information he claims to be in possession of. The lawsuit also denies Lopez ever withheld wages from Manoukian or mistreated him. According to these documents, the chauffeur terminated his employment of his own accord and proceeded to threaten J.Lo.

This lawsuit business is heating up. J.Lo definitely seems to have the upper hand, especially if there is evidence of extortion.

This is one to watch for. Stay tuned for updates.

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