Casting news extravaganza: Killer tributes and new vampires

This is always exciting. Another character has been cast in The Hunger Games’ sequel, Catching Fire, and a new character is moving to town on The Vampire Diaries. Who, what and where?

Meta Golding, Phoebe Tonkin

Let’s not despair! While Jennifer Lawrence is swimming in greenbacks, we bring thee good casting news for Catching Fire.

Meta Golding (pictured left) has been cast in The Hunger Games‘ sequel as Enobaria — one of the former tributes summoned back into the arena for the Quarter Quell.

All we can say is, holy mother of immeasurable hotness!

To expand on Golding’s brutal character, Enobaria is from District 2 (the most loyal to the “evil” Capitol) and volunteered as tribute for the 62nd Hunger Games, during which she split a fellow tribute’s throat with her very teeth. Gruesome, yes? Well, to solidify that bloody iconic gesture of hers, Enobaria had her teeth sharpened as fangs and then gilded.

Now in Catching Fire, Katniss will have to face Enobaria and her eeevil allies. Dun, dun, duuun! Really, though, she will. It will be pretty intense.

Can Golding pull off this character? Her previous acting gigs include Criminal Minds, CSI and the film Surrogates, but can she play a cold-blooded, fanged killer?

Either way, she is welcomed into the ever-expanding Catching Fire family, which now includes Philip Seymour Hoffman (playing Plutarch Heavensbee), Amanda Plummer (Wiress), Jena Malone (Johanna Mason) and Lynn Cohen (Mags). No confirmation of Finnick yet. Le sigh.

In other casting news — and speaking of hottie-totties — The Vampire Diaries has cast a new character for its upcoming season. That’s right: Reportedly a wild, tres sexy and free-spirited Hayley character is entering the scene as a friend from Tyler’s (played by Michael Trevino) past. And she’s going to be played by — OMG! — Secret Circle actress Phoebe Tonkin (pictured right)!

Uh-oh. Is she going to try to entice Tyler? Is she friendly or eeevil? So many questions…

Tonkin is scheduled to make her debut in episode three of the upcoming season.

Drama is all around us. What do you think of these casting choices? Suggestions?

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