New fall shows: Strong women conquer the screen

Gone are the days of male-dominated comedies or wimpy female leads. Tough ladies are taking the small screen by storm this September. You won’t want to miss the mega-strong girls showcased in these new series this fall!

1. Lucy Liu — ElementaryLucy Liu

This is a true first in terms of female toughness, as Lucy Liu takes on the role of the first-ever female Watson. Sherlock Holmes and his wise companion Watson have been portrayed in a multitude of ways and by a variety of actors throughout the years, but this is the first time one of the characters will be played by a woman. And we have no doubt butt-kicking Liu will do it justice!

2. Connie Britton — Nashville

Britton dominated the screen as mother, wife, counsellor and school principal on five seasons of Friday Night Lights. And she’ll surely bring that same confidence and strength to her role as fading country singer Rayna James. She may be forced to pair up with an up-and-comer played by Hayden Panettiere as a way to save her tour, but there’s no chance her fire and fight will fall by the wayside in the process.

3. Mindy Kaling — The Mindy Project

Given Kaling’s hilarious role as Kelly Kapour on The Office, it seems almost certain she will bring some of that lovable self-destructiveness to her new show. In The Mindy Project, she plays a young OB/GYN who is desperately trying to keep her life together despite wacky colleagues and romantic interests. Watching this strong, humorous and confident lady make sense of her personal life will definitely be one to watch.

4. Radha Mitchell — Red Widow

This is one suburban housewife whose life is anything but ordinary. Radha Mitchell stars as Martha Walraven, mother of three amazing kids and wife of a wonderful husband. But with a father, brother and husband working as organized criminals, something was bound to go wrong. When her husband is murdered, Martha will do anything to solve the mystery and exact vengeance. Sounds like one badass lady you won’t want to mess with!

5. Sarah Chalke — How to Live with Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life

Anyone who has witnessed Chalke’s hilarious performances on Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother and Cougar Town knows she’s going to make this one worth watching. Chalke plays Polly, a working mother who is forced to move in with her parents after a tough divorce. She works to hold her own against a wacky mom and dad and a frustrating ex-husband. Watching her struggle with a variety of bizarre situations is sure to be a blast!

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