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5 Best students of film

Some kids really are “too cool for school.” These students of film history are so fun and memorable, it’s a shame they weren’t around to make time at school as awesome as it seemed onscreen.

She's the Man

1. Josie Geller — Never Been Kissed

Although she’s technically only “posing” as a student for most of the movie, Josie Geller is still dealing with a lot of adolescent issues — and we love her for it. As Josie, Drew Barrymore is lovable, vulnerable, lighthearted and an all-around sweetheart of a person just trying to make it through high school. And with a heartthrob love interest like teacher Sam Coulson, you can’t help but cheer for her success.

2. Wade Walker — Cry-baby

Johnny Depp is absolutely dreamy in his role as tough guy Wade Walker, dubbed “Cry-baby” for his ability to shed a single tear, which makes the girls swoon. And who could blame them? We wouldn’t get a stitch of work done if we went to school with this smooth-talking, sexy-dancing, rough-and-tumble bad boy.

3. Olive Penderghast — Easy A

Emma Stone reduces us to pools of laughter as Olive Penderghast, who starts to see a lot of similarities between her life and that of the main character in Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter. Quirky and lovable Olive tells a little white lie about losing her virginity, which leads to another lie and another, and suddenly the way she is viewed by everyone at school changes entirely. Olive handles the bizarre twist her life takes with intense humour and undeniable wit — boy, is she cool!

4. Viola Hastings — She’s the Man

Oh, Amanda Bynes — too funny for words! And that is certainly the case in what is arguably one of her best movies yet. In this modern take of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, Bynes takes on the role of Viola — a girl posing as the opposite sex at an all-boys school where she inadvertently finds love, and hilarity ensues. No doubt we’d be laughing non-stop if given the opportunity to go to school with this quirky, clumsy and all-around lovable character.

5. Tyler Gage — Step Up

Channing Tatum is unbelievable as bad-boy-turned-hard-working-dancer Tyler Gage. He’s funny, he’s smart and boy, has he got the moves! We might not get a whole lot of work done if he was strutting around school, but we certainly wouldn’t complain!

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