Catching Fire: Casting continues!

Are you ready for more casting news fun? The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has cast the character of Mags. So who is it?

Lynn Cohen

Every scrap of information just brings our internal Hunger Games fan girl one step closer to the adventure…

So without further ado, Catching Fire has found its Mags! The District 4 tribute and participant in the Quarter Quell is going to portrayed by… Lynn Cohen!

If she appears familiar to you, that’s because Cohen played Miranda’s nanny, Magda, on Sex and the City. We couldn’t put our finger on it either.

Now Cohen will try her hand at the 80-year-old former District 4 tribute Mags, who befriends Finnick Odair (and was his mentor) and Katniss in the Quarter Quell. She has great skill in making fish hooks, and although unable to speak much, she is incredibly intelligent.

The role of Finnick is yet to be cast, but as mentioned before, Sam Claflin is the most likely contender at the moment. Cohen joins a new army of actors to struggle in and out of the Hunger Games arena, including Amanda Plummer, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jena Malone (as tribute Johanna Mason).

Filming for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire should begin at the end of the year, with the movie slated for release on Nov. 22, 2013.

What do you think of the latest casting choice?

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