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Russell Brand is your volunteer!

Every action has a reaction, no exceptions. Russell Brand must complete community service and pay a fine following an altercation with a photographer.

Russell BrandRussell Brand has been volun-told to contribute 20 hours of community service as well as pay a $500 court fee to resolve the misdemeanour charge for a phone-tossing-photog-confronting incident, which occurred when the actor was in New Orleans in March.

Brand was allegedly being harassed by a group of photographers. He then pulled over and confronted a man in a car snapping photos of the actor with his phone. Brand wrested the phone from the photographer’s hands and threw it at a nearby office building window. The actor turned himself in three days after the incident.

“He’s a good guy,” Brand’s attorney, Robert Glass, said. “He was harassed.”

The district attorney is calling for the case to be dismissed if Brand completes the community service by Aug. 31. He is permitted to complete the service abroad and through his work with people suffering from addictions.

Oh, 20 hours is nothing! A few days at the soup kitchen, a day at a shelter, maybe a few street cleanups, and you’re done. Who knows? Maybe Brand will take a liking to it and volunteer more often.


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