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Colbert and Stewart are sticking around

Phew! Comedy Central dodged a major comedy black hole when it decided to renew Stephen Colbert’s and Jon Stewart’s contracts.

Daily Show, Colbert Report renewed

Comedy is saved, everybody! It’s going to be OK.

Yesterday Comedy Central renewed contracts with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

Jon will remain the host, executive producer and writer of The Daily Show under the new contract until 2015; Colbert will pilot The Colbert Report, also as a host, writer and executive producer, until 2014.

Both shows are essential to the Comedy Network, as in they roll in the dough. The Daily Show is a top-rated show, averaging 1.4 million viewers in the 18–49 age group — the most highly sought demographic for advertisers (because they’re gullible).

Aside from the shows being cash cows, news would not be the same without a daily dose of Colbert and Stewart. Butchering headlines, news mishaps, roasting politicians and celebrities… It’s just such a wonderful display of comedic creativity, it brings tears to our eyes!

Luckily we can enjoy their company for several more years. High fives! Opinions?

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