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Kirstie Alley sued over weight loss product campaign

This is not the first lawsuit against a celebrity-endorsed campaign. This time Kirstie Alley is subject of a suit over a weight loss product endorsement that was proven ineffective.

Kirstie Alley

Uh-oh. It appears the inevitable realization is upon us: Diet and exercise may just be the keys to weight loss. Shocking, we know.

After Kirstie Alley appeared on QVC (a home shopping channel) to promote weight loss product Organic Liaison as the magical compound that helped her shed 100 pounds, a curious dieter decided to accept the actress’s word as gospel and buy the product.

Of course the product did not work, and now the curious dieter is suing Alley. Le twist.

Marina Abramyan filed the lawsuit on Friday, accusing Alley’s involvement with the weight loss supplement of being “nothing more than a healthy deception.” The plaintiff also alleged that the actress’s weight loss was “a result of hours and hours of dancing every day for several months” as a participant on Dancing with the Stars. Alley did in fact lose a tremendous amount of weight during the series and slimmed down to a commendable size 6.

In the suit Abramyan states she purchased the Organic Liaison product and followed the provided weight loss program, but did not experience any of the results promised. The plaintiff alleges the marketing campaign for the product (involving Alley) is in violation of the Federal Trade Commission regulations, and demands the company’s deceptive practices be ceased. She is also seeking unspecified damages.

So what did we learn from this? We learned that we do not live in an enchanted land where the pounds come off with a little pill and no effort. We learned that pounds are worked off with rigorous exercise routines and wholesome eating habits. What a gloomy and depressing world this is, indeed.

We also learned that we should peruse shopping channels more often to find products we can sue over. Brilliant!

To conclude, healthy is as healthy does. For lawsuit updates, stay tuned. Godspeed!

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