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Finally confirmed! Lana Del Rey new face of H&M campaign

If there was ever a music and fashion collaboration you couldn’t be more excited about, this is it! The American indie pop songstress has finally been confirmed as the latest musician and celebrity to lend her beautiful face to the popular clothing chain.

lana del rey hm campaign

Music lovers and fashionistas, rejoice: Lana Del Rey has been named the new spokesmodel for H&M!

Yes, the rumours and speculation that the beautiful, talented singer-model will be the face of the popular retail chain’s autumn campaign have finally been confirmed, making fashion and music enthusiasts of Lana all giddy and happy inside!

“We were looking for a style icon and singer to model our fall collection, and so Lana Del Rey was the perfect choice,” says H&M PR manager Chloe Bowers, according to the Daily Mail. “We think she shows our fall fashion in a very inspiring way.”

Perfect choice? She is the top choice as far as fans of her music will think. Ever since coming onto the scene in 2011 and producing hits like “Video Games” and “Born to Die” as well as showing a nostalgic and trendy fashion sense that would leave anyone envious, the 26-year-old has proven she can handle a huge worldwide campaign such as this.

And if all this news isn’t enough to take in, the promotional photos of Lana in a baby pink pullover, pastel pink jeans and her luscious brown mane worn slightly bouffant style will definitely get you excited about the upcoming collection. It even gets H&M’s creative director, Donald Schneider, excited, who says in a press release on H&M’s official website that the company is delighted to have Lana be a part of the campaign.

“Lana is totally unique, and we wanted to create a print and film campaign that’s just as special,” says Donald. “The mood is very L.A. noir and is inspired by our Fall collection, which also fits with Lana’s own personal style.”

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