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Marriage and music: Mandy Moore’s husband “inspires” her

This is the type of music celebrity relationships we like to see. Mandy Moore and her husband, Ryan Adams, are not letting their musical egos control their relationship or marriage. Instead, Ryan is lending his wife a helping hand by collaborating with her on her next album.

mandy moore new album

Mandy Moore and her husband will soon be making sweet music together — literally!

The Tangled star is getting ready to release another album and is collaborating with her hubby, rock musician and songwriter Ryan Adams. In an interview with’s Celebrity Circuit, Mandy says she and her one and only have started writing together, and he is assisting her by setting up studio time and helping her to produce an album she hopes to release at the end of this year or next year.

“I’m probably going to work with my husband on this album. I’m not sure necessarily in what capacity,” says Mandy in the interview. “I have been writing a lot, and it’s definitely going to be an intense, emotional record. I’m excited about it. I’m excited to get into the studio and start recording.”

Aww… how sweet is it that Ryan is willing to share his music space with his wife? You should definitely give Ryan brownie points for that, Mandy.

But it wasn’t only studio space that enticed the multi-talented 28-year-old actress and singer to work with her husband of three years; she also told the website that their whole relationship is inspiration to her upcoming album.

“He certainly inspires me. There’s tremendous influence right now around the house — from the music I’ve been introduced to and being very happy and in a healthy, happy relationship. I think that still garners a lot of material to write about,” says Mandy.

Well, we’re sure Mandy’s fans can’t wait to hear what kind of songs come out of her three-year inspiration so far, but we wonder if she’ll pull an Adele and vow not to write about any depressing relationships or life trials anymore. We hope not, though, since that’s where all good music comes from, right?

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