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Octomom sued by strip club

Nothing surprises us anymore — not with Nadya Suleman, anyway. The media favourite is the subject of a lawsuit by a Florida strip club, for dropping out of an eight-show commitment.

Nadya Suleman

Oh, Nadya Suleman, a.k.a. Octomom: Thou art the very hallmark of a proper role model, inspiring mothers everywhere to wear their V-necks a few inches lower and their skirts a few inches higher.

The media celebrity and mother of 14 kids is being sued by T’s Lounge strip club in West Palm Beach, Florida, for backing out of a signed deal and accepting employment at another club.

According to the lawsuit, Suleman’s contract stipulated she was obligated to give 35 days’ notice if she chose to terminate her eight-show commitment (July 11-14). But the mama star gave only 34 days. Suleman, under signed contract, was also not supposed to accept employment at any club within 50 miles of T’s Lounge within the time frame of 90 days of her shows.

T’s Lounge is demanding $15,000 in damages for hiring Suleman and consequently losing her to a competitor.

She sure will make her kids proud, though, what with the adult film and now this beautiful, new-found calling. Sure, she may have been accused of neglecting her children, fraud, money mongering… She’s definitely making those critics eat their words, eh?

If you’re going to be hanging out in Florida this week, you can check out Nadya Suleman at the Playboy Gentleman’s Club this Friday… Mark them calendars.


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