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Everything about Texas is huge

Texas has certainly been living up to its reputation lately, proving how huge it is by dominating television sets everywhere. To help you keep up with the latest TV trend, we tell you about four shows that will add a little “yee-haw” to your life.

Jesse Metcalfe

Everyone knows that everything’s bigger in Texas. But based on how huge the Lone Star State has become on television recently, they might want to update that slogan to “Nothing is bigger than Texas.” Dallas, Texas, to be precise. As anyone with a TV can attest, it is becoming increasingly difficult to turn on the tube without being greeted by a barrage of stetsons, bolo ties and beauty pageants. In fact, barring anything unforeseen — like a cancellation — there will be a whopping four shows on television that are set in Dallas. Those folks over at Tourism Texas sure know how to advertise.

Never ones to miss out on a trend, we at Sheknows are jumping right on the Dallas, Texas, bandwagon by clearing out our shoe closets to make room for some cowboy boots, working on our evening gown looks and getting acquainted with mechanical bulls. We encourage you all — sorry, y’all — to do the same! And if you’re feeling a little unsure about how to “Texify” your life, allow us to prescribe a healthy dose of these four shows that will get you in the cow-wrangling spirit in no time. Pretty soon you’ll find yourself with an impressive rifle collection and an inexplicable Southern twang. It’s time to get your Dallas on!


Well, duh. This continuation (as opposed to a reboot) of the popular 1978–1991 series of the same name makes Texas’ hottest city look very, very good — at least as far as the cast goes. With eye candy like Jesse Metcalfe, Josh Henderson and Jordana Brewster sexying up this show, it’s easy to see why everyone’s eyes are on Dallas. Get acquainted with the lucrative oil and cattle ranching industries and the family drama that comes with them. This TNT show has everything: greed, sex, deception, good bodies and extravagantly wealthy people. Dallas makes anyone who watches consider just throwing in the way less sexy green-living towel and becoming an oil tycoon.

Big Rich Texas

The title pretty much sums it up. This Style Network reality show, filmed in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, follows the lives of five wealthy ladies and their respective spoiled daughters during a summer at a highly exclusive country club. Watch in gossip-loving glee as mothers and daughters team up against one another in some serious Southern belle smackdowns — all with glistening white smiles plastered on their faces. Whether that’s a symptom of good old-fashioned passive-aggressiveness or Botox, we’re not quite sure. We do know that everthing about this show is big, rich and Texan, and that’s really all that matters.

Most Eligible Dallas

Simply put, this Bravo Network show follows the romantic escapades of Dallas’ most desirable young singles. They range from beauty queens to professional sports stars, each pursuing love in one form or another, from long-term relationships to one-night stands. It’s the perfect mix of promiscuity, recklessness and hot tubs. You thought your love life was hard? Try getting involved with a Texan.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Set to air in early 2013, the latest in the Real Housewives franchise plants us in the homes of Dallas’ most attention-seeking women. The cast consists of the wives of some of Dallas’ most wealthy men, and follows their dramatic lives full of divorce trouble, family affairs, socializing and backstabbing. Not much more can be said about what promises to be as entertaining a Housewives show as the rest, since it is still in production, but we’re anticipating a lot of gunpowder, rodeos and plastic surgery.

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