Jake Owen is going to be a dad!

Yay! Newly branded married man Jake Owen is expecting his first child with wife Lacey Buchanan in November.

Jake Owen

Oh man, oh man, the country family is going to get a little bigger.

Joy Williams gave birth just this weekend, Dixie Chicks’ Emily Robison is pregnant… Who’s next?

Jake Owen, duh.

But not personally, or rather, physically. The country singer and his wife, Lacey Buchanan, are expecting a baby girl in November.

This will be the couple’s first child. Owen and Lacey were married in a private ceremony in Vero Beach, Florida, on May 7.

And as a true country dad, Owen is already thinking of ways to protect his little girl from the fiendish boys. We personally recommend cake in a bear trap…

“Now we can concentrate on what names will fit our baby girl, and I’m going to stock up on guns and ammunition,” he told Us magazine.

Atta boy! Of course every man with a daughter should (legally) own a firearwm, be trained in hand-to-hand combat and be well versed in legal jargon.

But let’s get back to what’s really important here — baby names! Suggestions?

Photo courtesy of Judy Eddy/WENN.com

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