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Chaz Bono guest stars on Degrassi

If you want to talk about a shaky teen issue, Degrassi is the place to do it. Chaz Bono will appear on the show to ease the struggle of a transgender teen character.

Chaz Bono

Oh, memories. Many of us grew up glued to the television sets, waiting for those new Degrassi episodes to come out. The teen show always covered taboo topics, like pregnancy, drugs, homosexuality and now, with a special guest appearance, transgender issues.

Chaz Bono was spotted onset in Toronto filming his cameo for the show. He’ll play a judge for a battle of the bands contest who helps out Degrassi‘s transgender character, Adam.

“There are a lot of trans kids and teens, and to have representation of themselves really means a lot,” Bono told the Toronto Star.

“At that age, there wasn’t anything [for me]. I didn’t know about transgender people or that there was a possibility to transition or anything. And it made it really difficult to figure out what was going on with me.”

Who better to talk about being a transgender teen than Chaz? Born a female to Sonny and Cher, he came out as a lesbian at the age of 18 but did not begin his transition from woman to man until much later. He knows what’s what.

This episode will air somewhere in the middle of the new season, which begins on July 16 on MuchMusic.

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