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What if all celebrities shared their pasts via film?

Channing Tatum’s new movie, Magic Mike, is based largely on his pre-Hollywood life as a male stripper. Is Channing an anomaly in Hollywood, or is it possible that other stars’ pasts have informed their films too?

Channing Tatum

Sometimes the collective prayers of women everywhere are answered in a way that exceeds their wildest dreams. Case in point: Channing Tatum, one of the studliest dreamboats to hit Hollywood in a while, is starring in Magic Mike, a movie about male strippers. In which he plays a stripper. Who strips off his clothing. Have we mentioned his deltoids?

The best part about Magic Mike? It’s largely based on Channing’s actual life. That’s right, ladies: Before he hit it big in Hollywood, Channing worked as a stripper to earn a living. And to make matters even better, Channing insisted on doing all the erotic dancing scenes without a body double, since he’s already so experienced when it comes to stripping, and he clearly wanted to ensure the utmost authenticity. Sweet sassy molassy.

We’re thrilled — and actually pretty impressed — that Channing had the guts to share with the world his very risque past through the medium of film; we can only assume the fact that he’s essentially playing himself in Magic Mike will yield a convincing performance. This whole art-imitating-life thing got us thinking about how interesting it would be if more actors starred in movies that reflected their pasts too. And then it hit us: Maybe they already have, and they’ve just been too afraid to admit it.

Robert Pattinson

Of the many vampires to hit the screen over the last little while, Robert has been the most convincing, playing Edward Cullen in the Twilight saga. And sure, the character he portrays on film is based on one from a series of books, but the way he sparkles so effortlessly makes us think that maybe he’s had a little experience sucking the blood of mortals. After all, he’s making a killing playing one of the most covetable roles in Hollywood; there has to have been a little bloodshed for him to have landed it, right? Not to mention the fact that Robert apparently partied recently until dawn at the star-studded wedding of Hollywood producer Kevin Turen. Those kinds of hours are nothing short of vampiric.

Natalie Portman

The Oscar sitting on her mantel for her performance in Black Swan is a testament to Natalie Portman’s heartbreaking and convincing portrayal of a dangerously paranoid ballerina. But was it too convincing? On the red carpet and in interviews, Natalie appears poised and graceful — not a shred of the insanity she demonstrated in Black Swan. What we don’t see, though, is what happens behind closed doors. It’s possible, even likely, that Natalie is an extraordinary enough actress to be able to portray such a masterful descent into violent madness without any personal experience with such a thing. Then again… All we’re saying is, she has certainly tackled some difficult roles in her career — ones that could easily send someone into a tailspin of hallucinatory paranoia. Queen Amidala, for example.

Steve Carell

Until 40-Year-Old Virgin, no one really knew who Steve Carell was other than Brick in Anchorman. As a man of 40 who had still not yet had sex, Steve Carell gives the kind of performance that breaks your heart and makes you laugh hysterically all at once. In fact, his is such an honest performance that it makes us think perhaps Steve himself has endured extremely delayed sexual experience. The way he yells “Kelly Clarkson” on that waxing table, his voice bursting with pain and desire, really says it all. We can only assume his success since that movie has led to plenty of conquests, or at the very least, advances.

Lindsay Lohan

In her upcoming film Liz & Dick, Lindsay plays a starlet who battles drug addiction and a destructive personal and professional life. Could it be that Lindsay has experience with this herself? Oh, wait…

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