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A road trip with Jennifer Aniston? Yes, please

Apparently if you had to choose a celebrity to be stuck with in a car for hours on end, it’d be Jennifer Aniston. Yay or nay?

Jennifer Aniston

Let’s see. For a trip to Iqaluit, you need a suitcase, toiletries, plenty of warm clothes, Jennifer Aniston… Wait, whaaa?

Don’t lie; we’ve all dreamt about it, but now there’s a survey to back us up. Jennifer Aniston has been voted as the best friend to share a road trip with, according to a survey of film fans.

Insert hyperactive clapping outburst.

The actress, famous for her Friends character Rachel Green, topped the survey list, speeding past other candidates such as Simon Pegg (second on the list) and Jim Carrey (third).

The Sky Movies scheduling manager, Jade Tan, stated:

“It’s clear that comedy is the best policy for a road trip partner, and Jennifer Aniston, Simon Pegg and Jim Carrey most certainly have it covered.

“Whether they’re on the run, on a buddy trip or a wild adventure, all of these names would definitely deliver a trip to remember. The Road Trip Movie season on Sky Movies is the next best thing if they’re not available in person, and with Sky Go access in the U.K., our customers can also take these films out and about this summer too.”

JennAn was also the only woman in the top five candidates on the list. Clearly Friends has had a huge influence on our psyches, so we’re all still wearing our “I heart Rachel” tees.

Which celebrity would you take on a road trip?

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