Russell Peters wants to keep the funny

Despite the fame and fortune, Russell Peters is not planning to be lazy any time soon. The comedian is working hard to keep his humour sharp and separate from his name.

Russell Peters

When you have pocketsful of greenbacks, a villa for every season, plus a cottage and a loyal following of fans, who cares if you’re funny?

Russell Peters does, that’s who. The comedian has all of the aforementioned and then some, but insists he is not willing to take advantage of his fan base.

“You have to earn your laughter. That’s the only way you learn,” Peters told the Toronto Star. “You gotta perform for people who don’t know you, don’t care about you, and that’s how you know if your stuff is funny. And then I can bring it to my crowd.”

He’s got a point. The Brampton-native comedian is officially hilarious; we laugh at anything he says, regardless of whether it’s actually funny. As long as it came out of his mouth.

“I feel like my comedy is not up to par with my status,” he said. “I see how many comics there are out there and how good most of them are. And I always feel in my head like I want to be that good, but then people tell me I’m that good, and I think, ‘I don’t know.'”

Oh boy, you cray-cray. One of the funniest aspects of Peters’ comedy is his ego and its disproportionate inflation — he plays off the perception that he’s a douchebag. His status feeds the comedy, not depletes it. But he needs to stay aware; otherwise his humour will become too esoteric for the “average joe.”

What do you think? Russell Peters: yay or nay?

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