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Charity moment: Kate Middleton goes camping

The duchess is on a mission! Kate Middleton dedicated Father’s Day to a camping trip out in the English countryside with inner-city kids, teaching them teamwork skills.

Kate Middleton

It’s a royal camping trip… High fives!

Kate Middleton, dressed in outdoorsy attire (which still somehow looks stylish), was out in the woods with the inner-city children of Kent, England, on Sunday. Just to clarify, the children don’t live in the wilderness. It was a trip.

The young royal helped the kids set up tents, build campfires, observe nature and do all sorts of other esteem/teamwork-boosting activities in the forest. Of course, the cameras were there to capture Middleton’s humble deed, because if no one sees it, is it really charity?

The children also took a keen interest in the royal, especially her transition from wealthy commoner to wealthy duchess.

“It’s very busy and great fun, but I am very well looked after,” Middleton stated.

Although we love us some Kate Middleton any day of the week, maybe sending her on an inner-city youth trip was a miss. We understand the trip was fuelled by ARK schools (part of Will and Harry’s charitable foundation), but Kate does not strike us as an avid get-down-in-the-dirt-and-roll-them-sleeves-up kind of gal. It just comes off as charity for the sake of charity rather than a genuine deed… Maybe if she didn’t look so darn model-esque in all the photos, but a complete sweaty mess zipping through the forest in a competitive game of tag with the kids, we’d buy it.

What do you think? Sharesies.

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