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What really went down between Drake and Chris Brown?

Drake and Chris Brown’s recent brawl is all anyone’s talking about. But with so many conflicting accounts about what happened, how are we to know the truth? Well, we think we’ve got an idea of what really happened that night. At least, it’s what we’d like to have happened.


By now you’ve probably heard about the alleged bloody battle between Chris Brown and Drake. It happened in the wee hours of the morning on Thursday at New York club WiP and was apparently the result of an ongoing feud between the two over singer Rihanna, who has been linked romantically to both. At first, it seemed like everything about the fight was perfectly clear: Drake and his crew faced off against Chris and his, bottles were thrown and glass was broken, and Chris walked out of there with a gash in his chin (which he later tweeted a picture of, but soon took down).

Now, however, as more and more details surface, the events of that fateful night grow cloudy and obscure. Some people are saying Drake started the fight, while his reps are insisting Drake was not even part of the incident. Some people are also now saying that rapper Meek Mill, who was among Drake’s crew, is the one to blame for Chris’ bloodied chin. Amidst all the flying rumours, there seems to be one absolute truth: Rihanna clearly has magic powers over men.

It’s hard to know exactly what went on at WiP, especially with so many conflicting stories and unclear accounts of what occurred. However, based on everything we’ve heard and read, we’ve managed to piece together this puzzle and figure out what exactly happened between Drake and Chris Brown. Below is our assumed account of the events in question:

  • Chris Brown and his entourage arrive at WiP and settle in the VIP section.
  • Shortly after, Drake and his entourage arrive at WiP. They are also seated in the VIP section.
  • Both entourages keep to themselves. They avoid one another’s stares as best they can.
  • A bottle of Champagne arrives at Drake’s table. Attached is a note from Chris: “Let’s be friends.”
  • Drake reads the note. He then composes his own with the help of his entourage and sends it to Chris Brown’s table.
  • Chris reads the note: “I’d LOVE to be friends! What a relief! I’m so glad you had the guts to be the bigger man. By the way, I’m trying to work on my tough guy image. Would you be able to do me a favour? I’ve written a fake response on the back of this note. It’s way meaner, but I don’t mean anything by it. I just want people to think I’m more tough than they do right now. Thanks, friend! xo Drake.” Chris turns the note over and reads: “I’m f****** the love of your life, Rihanna, deal with it.”
  • Chris makes eye contact with Drake. Chris nods. Drake and his entourage rise and approach Chris’ table.
  • Chris and Drake are face to face. Chris whispers in Drake’s ear: “Hey, whatever you need me to do, just tell me.”
  • Drake whispers back, after waving his middle finger in Chris’ face and giving him a small shove: “My crew and I are going to start calling you names and saying mean things. Don’t be sad. We don’t mean it.”
  • Drake begins calling Chris names and saying mean things. He doesn’t mean it.
  • Chris and his crew fire back with equally unkind remarks, culminating in a convincing “f*** off.”
  • Someone in Drake’s entourage, who has been holding the bottle of Champagne sent by Chris, sees a mouse. He throws the bottle on the ground, trying to kill it. He misses.
  • The mouse scurries up Chris’ leg and onto his face. Someone else in Drake’s crew tries to punch it off, but he misses.
  • Chris, who has a phobia of mice, decides to leave with his crew. As they’re leaving, Drake spots the mouse again. He and his crew all start throwing bottles at it. They miss. That mouse is tricky.
  • A shard of the flying glass hits Chris Brown in the chin. He checks to find he’s bleeding. Chris Brown gives Drake a covert thumbs-up before fleeing the club in terror.
  • Chris gets into his car before Drake can thank him. Drake runs out of the club, anxiously looking for Chris, but he is gone.
  • Chris tweets about his injury, alluding to it having been caused by Drake and his crew. Drake private-messages Chris “Thank u! Mimosas on me tmw.”
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