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New music: Meet The Temper Trap

If you’re scouting the great wide net for some new tunes, look no further. The Temper Trap will satisfy your cravings better than a double chocolate cake.

The Temper Trap

It’s hard to believe that it has been three years since The Temper Trap released its debut album Conditions, which sold nearly a million copies worldwide.

If you’re unfamiliar with the band, you’re in for an ear treat.

The Temper Trap is an Australian five-member group, with Dougy Mandagi providing the vocals, Toby Dundas at the drums, Jonathon Aherne playing bass, Lorenzo Sillitto on the lead guitar and Joseph Greer on the keys. Conditions (2009) propelled the band to relative worldwide fame and absolute recognition in homeland Australia, with songs like “Soldier On,” “Sweet Disposition,” “Fader” and “Love Lost” receiving airplay and features in popular television shows.

The band’s musical style? We’ll call it indie-rock.

Now the band is back with a second album, The Temper Trap (June 5), along with two featured singles: “Need Your Love” and “Trembling Hands.” The album is already number one on the Australian Albums chart.

The band’s second release admittedly does not achieve the same overwhelming effect as its debut album, but it manages to offer new sound with the familiar poetical lyricism. Lead singer Dougy Mandagi is superb and can still bring you to your knees with his vocal stylings, which we love.

If you’re looking for something new and with a twist, this is it. Five songs you must hear from The Temper Trap: “Trembling Hands,” “The Sea Is Calling,” “Miracle,” “This Isn’t Happiness” and “Rabbit Hole.”

Check them out, opinionate and have a listen to “Trembling Hands” below.

The Temper Trap – Trembling Hands
‘Trembling Hands’ is the second single from Temper Trap’s self-titled second album, out now!
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