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Books are out: Sony to make three films based on games

Could you call this progress? After the release of Battleship, Sony Pictures has decided to jump on this money pony and release three more films based on games.


As they say, “try and try again,” eh?

Even though the film Battleship (starring Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard and Rihanna), based on the actual pen-and-paper game, has made critics gouge their eyes out and vomit in detestation, Sony Pictures is ready to embark on another disastrous crusade in attempt to convert a game or toy into a successful movie.

Yesterday the studio revealed its plan to develop three films based on concepts from different board games or playthings. Because making only one film based on an idiotic whim would obviously make Sony a pansy…

So the three chosen ones are Tonka toy trucks, Candy Land and Risk. Drink it in, swim in it until your fingers are pruney, because this is happening.

Tonka is already in development, and it is going to be an animated film.

Obviously Sony is a very “observant” company. Battleship grossed about $295 million worldwide — not enough to even cover its costs, let alone make any profit. Does Candy Land sound like a box office hit to you? Well, maybe in the adult film industry…

The problem is, board games and toys are based on interaction and the decisions the players make. How can a filmmaker capture that notion via film? Board games on their own are not very exciting or enticing, so making a movie based on the concept of a game seems senseless, considering that most are quite simple.

But the other question is, are these films going to be targeting children or adults? Because while kids can be enticed with bright colours and amazing special effects, adults need plot lines and complexity, which these movies are bound to lack.

So, just something to think about. Opinions?

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